Comfortable & Elegance

Since its very beginnings, MOFFI is a well-established collection, known for the quality of its knitted confections and the comfort of its clothing materials. Preferred by the mature and self-assured woman, Moffi’s collection is the most versatile and high-quality clothing line that offers a wide range of T-shirts, blouses and sweaters. Aging with beauty is priceless!

Fine & Sophisticated Trend

European-inspired, GOA’s collection is perfectly designed for the progressive woman that is always on the lookout for the latest trends. Combining great quality and design, GOA’s clothing line aims to help women passionate about fashion by giving them confidence, style and personality.

For the modern woman that is always on the lookout for the latest trends

The latest addition to the family, Dévia’s division offers designs that are made in Québec. Starting from the selection of fabrics to confection, through the creation of pattern, Dévia is a modern and inspiring collection that embraces the values of today’s women by contributing to the local economy and having an eclectic approach.